The ‘joggers and jeans’ look has had a serious rebrand, and I can proudly say I will happily (and affordably, of course) rock a great pair of sneaks (not joggers, thank you very much) and a cracking pair of jeans.

Enter, the weekend uniform. We all have one, and I honestly don’t know what I was wearing before this.

Glue Store stocks easily some of my FAVOURITE brands, and I can admit, they have definitely fuelled not only my obsession, but my sneaker and jean collection (#guilty).

Firstly, if you haven’t tried a pair of Abrand Jeans, why are you still reading this? This is EASILY my favourite denim brand at the moment. They have the most flattering fits, and they are under $150. I actually received a compliment when wearing said jeans. I know. That doesn’t happen. I’m still replaying the compliment in my head. My favourite style is their Mom Jean and their Ankle Basher Jean with the ripped knees. If these styles don’t tickle your fancy OR you after an even more affordable pair, don’t sweat it. Shop brands like Cheap Monday, Articles of Society, Assembly Label, and more with jeans for $100 and less. PLUS, check out the Glue Store sale section… it’s a gold mine.

‘I have too many sneakers’, said no one ever. Surely. There’s nothing like the comfort of a great sneaker, but not the kind of the sneaker that you have to run, and sweat, and lose calories in… obviously.

Adidas have my vote for sneakers. They are under the $150 mark, are great quality, and are flipping comfortable at that. My current favourite is the Campus Sneaker (which I’ve got in beige). I also have the Superstar in black and white, because although you might think those two pairs look similar… they are different colours, sooooo… I’ll let you think about that.

Last, but not least. I love my Nike Air Force 1s. They are at a slightly higher price point ($150), but the real winning factors are that I love an all white sneaker, and for bonus points – their platform gives this short broke gal a little height!

Below wearing the Abrand Ankle Basher Jeans and Adidas Campus Sneaker Beige.

This post was created in collaboration with Glue Store.