Forget paying an arm and leg at the dentist, or ordering whitener from eBay (which at the time seemed like a good idea…). HiSmile is your answer to teeth whitening on a budget and here’s why.

Firstly, it’s just 10 minutes each day. The mouthguard and LED light contraction means you can do it while you get ready in the morning plus do your bottom AND top teeth at the same time. TBH I actually do it while I’m cleaning and doing my washing cus #productive.

Secondly, it’s $79.99 for the full kit. This gives you at least 6 applications. It includes 3 x gels, the LED light, the mouth tray and a whitening guide. That’s at least 6 days of applications. I have done mine every second day. I like to do it before I go out somewhere and I definitely see the difference.

I’ve also got pretty sensitive teeth but haven’t felt any sensitivities using this… which I definitely did with my ol’ eBay whitener (that’s normal, right?).

Shop the kit here. 

I am a mad coffee/wine drinker, so I also like to think this counteracts/prevents possible staining.

PLUS if you get hooked and are looking for a better deal – they have a subscription option, where you get 30% off. I am next keen to try the toothpaste and mouthwash as a more every day routine, so this would be something I would organise via a subscription.

Finally, the clincher. The cheapest whitening option I have found in Brisbane has been about $150 for an appointment, but are generally around the $400 mark. So if it’s something you are thinking of doing, I would DEFINITELY recommend trying HiSmile first.