Of course they did! This is a broke girl’s blog,  it’s almost every second word.

Get your card at the ready (and some restraint), because this post is all about how to make the most of the US sales. Yep – that’s a thing we can do now. Broke gals – we are no longer restricted by not being able to fund a plane ticket! Hold onto your seats, we are going international.

Remember the days before we had international brands like Zara on our shores, and you would surf the net looking at everything you couldn’t buy because it was all US based? My, how times have changed my lil broke friend.

I just recently discovered ShopMate, and like the name suggests, it’s basically the best shopping buddy… ever.

You can shop sales (all year round) in the States and get it delivered to the ShopMate warehouse, then senthome to Oz (and for a limited time you can also score 20 per cent off ShopMate delivery fees on your first order too when you sign up for a free ShopMate account).

SO – not only can you shop brands that you wouldn’t usually have access to because they don’t ship to #straya, you can now shop US sites and actually get your parcels quicker and cheaper, because Australia Post ships within 5-8 business days after your parcel leaves the ShopMate warehouse, PLUS ShopMate will declare your items to customs as part of the service, so no hassles there. Oh, and you can track it all once your package leaves the ShopMate warehouse, so you can watch your parcel fly around the world while you sit at home in your PJs.

This is exciting, because not only do I have a US address to ship everything to, I don’t have to wait A MONTH to get it.

To celebrate, I’ve done a round up of my top 10 SALE picks from the US, and right now when you sign up for free with ShopMate, you can get 20 per cent off ShopMate delivery fees on your first order (sign up here now).

Sponsored by Australia Post.