Mum – every day should really be your day… but we can’t really afford that, SO, this is about making your dedicated day, a special one, and here’s how (on a budget, obviously).

treat mum (and yourself)

I always think the best present is something the recipient would never buy themselves. An obvious choice then, is a pamper sesh. Name one person who wouldn’t LOVE a facial or a massage right about now? Exactly, no one. Everyone needs a little RnR, and out of any person I know, mum deserves it the most! Grab an Endota Spa gift card here. Even better, grab two and spend some quality time together chillin’ out.


Again, you’re not going to send yourself flowers (or are you…?) and they are such a thoughtful gesture that so quickly puts a smile on a face. I think it’s best to deliver these and make it a surprise. It makes you feel pretty special when a random flower delivery turns up at work (I mean I wouldn’t know, but I’d like to know… hint hint). Maybe even deliver them a day or two before Mother’s Day. That way, your mum gets treated before anyone else, and rather than being one of a million deliveries, she’ll receive hers on her own special day. Sold? Organise some beautiful florals here.

a (contribution to a) shopping spree

I mean, it would be great to have the money to fund an entire shopping spree, but this is a broke girl’s blog…. It’s the thought that counts, not the dollars spent, (which is what you say when you’re on a budget), so a $50 gift card at one of her favourite stores is going to go a long way. And better yet, organise a day with her to go shopping. For Mrs Mumma Broke Girl, I would go a David Jones or Myer gift card – you can’t really go wrong with either, they both have a wide range of beauty, clothing and accessories, and you can get both here.

Mum – I hope you’re not reading this, because you now know what you’re getting this Mother’s Day… SURPRISE!

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