I’ve (very excitedly) teamed with Warner Bros. Consumer Products and Big W on their latest range celebrating women.

Featured below you’ll see items from their Wonder Woman range, in-store now just in time for Mother’s Day, AND the release of the new Wonder Woman movie on 1 June!

Shop the collection here.

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May 4th, 2017|TIPS|

did someone say sale?

Of course they did! This is a broke girl’s blog,  it’s almost every second word.

Get your card at the ready (and some restraint), because this post is all about how to make the most of the US sales. Yep – that’s a thing we can do now. Broke gals – we are no longer restricted by not being able to fund a plane ticket! Hold onto your seats, we are going international.

Remember the days before we had international brands like Zara on our shores, and you would surf the net looking at everything you couldn’t buy because it was all US based? My, how times have changed my lil broke friend.

I just recently discovered ShopMate, and like the name suggests, it’s basically the best shopping buddy… ever.

You can shop sales (all year round) in the States and get it delivered to the ShopMate warehouse, then senthome to Oz (and for a limited time you can also score 20 per cent off ShopMate delivery fees on your first order too when you sign up for a free ShopMate account).

SO – not only can you shop brands that you wouldn’t usually have access to because they don’t ship to #straya, you can now shop US sites and actually get your parcels quicker and cheaper, because Australia Post ships within 5-8 business days after your parcel leaves the ShopMate warehouse, PLUS ShopMate will declare your items to customs as part of the service, so no hassles there. Oh, and you can track it all once your package leaves the ShopMate warehouse, so you can watch your parcel fly around the world while you sit at home in your PJs.

This is exciting, because not only do I have a US address to ship everything to, I don’t have to wait A MONTH to get it.

To celebrate, I’ve done a round up of my top 10 SALE picks from the US, and right now when you sign up for free with ShopMate, you can get 20 per cent off ShopMate delivery fees on your first order (sign up here now).

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May 3rd, 2017|TIPS|

head-to-toe under $150

Belt: Dissh

Dress: Dissh

Shoes: Pretty Little Thing

May 2nd, 2017|LOOKS|

something special for mum (on a budget)

Mum – every day should really be your day… but we can’t really afford that, SO, this is about making your dedicated day, a special one, and here’s how (on a budget, obviously).

treat mum (and yourself)

I always think the best present is something the recipient would never buy themselves. An obvious choice then, is a pamper sesh. Name one person who wouldn’t LOVE a facial or a massage right about now? Exactly, no one. Everyone needs a little RnR, and out of any person I know, mum deserves it the most! Grab an Endota Spa gift card here. Even better, grab two and spend some quality time together chillin’ out.


Again, you’re not going to send yourself flowers (or are you…?) and they are such a thoughtful gesture that so quickly puts a smile on a face. I think it’s best to deliver these and make it a surprise. It makes you feel pretty special when a random flower delivery turns up at work (I mean I wouldn’t know, but I’d like to know… hint hint). Maybe even deliver them a day or two before Mother’s Day. That way, your mum gets treated before anyone else, and rather than being one of a million deliveries, she’ll receive hers on her own special day. Sold? Organise some beautiful florals here.

a (contribution to a) shopping spree

I mean, it would be great to have the money to fund an entire shopping spree, but this is a broke girl’s blog…. It’s the thought that counts, not the dollars spent, (which is what you say when you’re on a budget), so a $50 gift card at one of her favourite stores is going to go a long way. And better yet, organise a day with her to go shopping. For Mrs Mumma Broke Girl, I would go a David Jones or Myer gift card – you can’t really go wrong with either, they both have a wide range of beauty, clothing and accessories, and you can get both here.

Mum – I hope you’re not reading this, because you now know what you’re getting this Mother’s Day… SURPRISE!

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April 30th, 2017|TIPS|

a broke girl in bali

Tucked away in the middle of rice paddy fields just off Ecco Beach, you’ll find Villa Phoenix – only the most #grammable villa in all the land.

It’s about $120 a night, and there’s four different rooms. If you’re going with a big group, BOOK ALL OF THE ROOMS – I am 100% coming back and doing this next time.

This is the kind of place you book and spend all of your time in – so bring a book and/or load up your lappy with millions of movies.

Book here now.

Now that you’re booked… it’s time to talk about something very important – FOOD.

Walking distance from the villa is a freakin’ amazing cafe – Ki-no-a.

The sign says clean eating, so it’s obvs fkn healthy, but don’t be afraid by the whole ‘clean eatin’ thang, it’s bloody delicious and more importantly… THE COFFEE IS GOOD.

You can get a big brekky and coffee for about $8. SOLD!

My number one tip is EXPLORE. Walk everywhere.

Walking – sounds horrible I know, but the things you stumble upon!

Head to Ecco Beach and you’ll find bars, bars, and more bars.

Happy hour is almost every hour, so you’re more than likely to get there at happy hour and enjoy 2 for 1 cocktails, which should be music to everyone’s ears.

I highly recommend – Captain Catch.

Best cocktail as voted by me – the Kookaburra cocktail at Potato Head- fkn amazing. Also, order the calamari.

Best beach as voted by me – Sunday’s Beach Club in Uluwatu.

An obvious choice, but you can’t go to Bali and not go to Motel Mexicola.

Go during the day for an epic mexican feed and check out their fkn awesome interiors, THEN, go at night and the place is transformed – people dancing on tables, some rando pouring tequila into your mouth and lotsa lotsta fun.

Go to Bali Boat Shed and find my new FAV brand – Super Normal Collective.

I am officially obsessed and of course, it’s bloody affordable #brokegalforlyf

Kim Soo for cheap homewares, coffee and cake!

Wanderlust for bikinis – trust me, ya gon have a hard time choosing!

You MUST go to Spring and book a massage.

I went 3 days in a row. It’s a little more expensive then the places you’ll find on the street but it is AH-MAZ-ING.

Book the hair rescue – you get every kind of massage plus an epic hair mask.

If you’re into #nature and stuff, find your nearest waterfall and scoot to it!

I’m fkn terrified of heights so I legit almost cried walking up this waterfall, but I guess it was fun… a good break from all of the eating and drinking… if you need one.

There is A LOT I loved and haven’t included here, bcuz seriously, there’s a lot. So, if you have any questions or want any more recommendations, either comment below or message me on Instagram!

CHEERS and have a bloody great time!

April 10th, 2017|TRAVEL|